Rembrandt – Drawings and Etchings

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oktober 16, 2019
Rembrandt – Paintings
oktober 16, 2019
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Rembrandt – Drawings and Etchings

Spletna cena: 162,00 EUR

Redna cena: 180,00 EUR

Avtor: Schatborn, Peter & Hinterding, Erik

ISBN: 978-3-8365-7544-7
Založba: Taschen
Vezava: trda
Format: 29 x 39.5 cm
Obseg: 756 strani

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Rembrandt’s drawings and etchings earned him unparalleled recognition from his contemporaries, capturing elusive expressions and moments in just a few strokes. In commemoration of the 350th anniversary of his death, this XXL monograph is the first-ever collection gathering Rembrandt’s complete works on paper, unveiling all 708 drawings, printed in color for the first time, and 314 etchings in brilliant reproductions.

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