Living in Japan. 40th Edition

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Tarot. The Library of Esoterica
21 novembra, 2021
Mario Testino SIR
Testino, SIR. 40th Edition
21 novembra, 2021
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Living in Japan. 40th Edition

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ISBN: 978-3-8365-8843-0
Založba: Taschen
Leto izdaje: 2021
Vezava: trda vezava
Format: 15.6 x 21.7 cm
Obseg: 480 strani

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Today’s most exceptional Japanese homes

So rich and unique is traditional Japanese Architecture that it’s nearly impossible to improve upon. Yet contemporary Japanese designers and architects keep finding fresh approaches to refurbish and take inspiration from the ways of old. Whether it’s a pristinely preserved traditional house or a sleek modern apartment, the best Japanese homes share a love of cleverly designed spaces and warm materials like wood, brick, and bamboo.

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